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Guidance For Admission to the International
Goodwill kendo Club.

Formation and Development

The International Goodwill Kendo club was established in September 1965 through the efforts of the late Yoshiyuki Wazaki Sensei - the first on the list - and other Kendo players who live in the Kinki district. To internationalize kendo after the postwar revival was a remarkable goal because many Kendo players had built walls around themselves.

Soon after its establishment in November 1965, the International Goodwill Kendo Club entered its first competition in Taiwan. That gave us the opportunity to introduce our organization to the world. After that, we developed our organization in six districts, such as Hokkaido-Tohoku, Kanto, Tokai, Kinki, Chugoku and Kyusyu. Each district meets monthly and all members meet annually both in and out of Japan. Because of our efforts, we have developed broadly. In May 1999, we obtained the status of a Non Profit Organization.

Contribution to HumanPeace and ProsperityThrough Kendo Activity

"This corporation conducts projects concerning Kendo culture accepted by Kendo people in Japan and foreign countries, with the purpose of contributing to international goodwill through the Kendo spirit." This quote is from our articles of incorporation. We consider this article the most important part, as it requires us to contribute to human peace and prosperity. Thus, we, the modern Kendo players must pay close attention to this belief.

In general, society, regards the "Rotary Club" or "Lions Club" as status symbols among the active people in that society. To be a member of the International Goodwill Kendo Club is also regarded by the Kendo society as a symbol reflecting the attitude of a Kendo player's essence by doing public service, promoting civil behavior for the next generation and contributing to international goodwill.

Personal relationship

As a member, you can also have personal relationships with other members by participating in the monthly meetings or in kendo practice. It is a good opportunity to improve your Kendo, Iaido and Naginata knowledge and skill as well as help in the formation of your personality. You will feel more accepted by the organization members whether you are high or low ranked.

General Meeting

The International Goodwill Kendo Club JAPAN, supervisor of districts, holds an annual meeting and practice once or twice a year. In addition you would be invited to attend a banquet. During these meetings and practice you can also receive advice from Hanshi 9-dan or 8-dan sensei without discrimination because of rank.

We recently conducted a simulated examination - shinsa - before taking the actual shinsa and each examince received one-on-one advice by actual judges.

International Communications

We travel abroad once or twice a year for the purpose of communicating with foreign Kenshi - Kendo players. It is said that once you cross swords with a person, you will feel like you have known him/her for ten years, even though you cannot communicate with language. You may also take your wife on these trips as we provide sightseeing tours as well.

Going visit to another Dojo

If you want to assess your level of kendo, you can contact other members within any of our Clubs and travel to any other districts for training. Because you would be a member of our organization, you will be welcomed everywhere.

Theory and practice

In Kendo it is not honorable to only swing the shinai without purpose. You need to learn the rational or mechanism of sword movements and be able to add sufficient sprit. Because Kendo's final phase is developing the soul, everyday practice and sufficient spirit are required. We provide such information through our monthly newsletter. What you do not understand, you may simply ask any. of our teachers with high degrees. We are sure you will receive clear and accurate advice.

General meeting Together with the Kyoto Taikai - competition -

We hold our Japanese club general meeting on May fifth. At the place of the All Japan Kendo Embu Taiki. Kendo players from all over the district as well as other countries gather there. Following the meeting we always have a grand feast.

How you can join our club

Just fill out the application form and send it to our secretariat. You will receive a response from the president of the IGKC with a return postal form. After completing the above procedure and sending a remittance you are a formal member of the IGKC.

  • Admission


  • Support Fee

    10,000 ¥ per year

  • Monthly meeting and practice are free. Banquet costs will be charged each time.